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How do I Login to Vū Marketplace?

Login using your existing Virtual Studio user account via Google or Magic Link.

Orders and Membership Plans

How do I purchase a Plan?

Please visit the Marketplace to find available Plans. You can order Basic and Advanced with just a few clicks, to purchase a PRO Plan, please contact our Sales Team. View Plans

I've reached my limit for my Virtual Studio Cloud Storage, how can I get more?

In order to increase the available storage on your account, purchase a Storage Add-on.

Software Definitions


3D, Pre-Visualization software for pre-shoot set building and storyboarding.

Transforming any idea into an instant visual representation. By using natural language processing and a responsive AI Art generator, creates real-time images that fit any screen and size for instant display.

Cloud Storage

A regionally-based service that allows individuals and organizations to store, access, and manage their data, files, and other information over the internet on remote servers, rather than on their own physical devices.

Vu Library

AI-Generated images/backgrounds of landscapes and common building interiors/exteriors.


The software that puts your content on the wall.

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